Steering Unit EARSS EVO 2.0EX S (S=Sailing)

The EARSS EVO 2.0EX S Force Feedback Device of SBW Technology GmbH is the worldwide first Steer-by-Wire solution perfectly suited for large Sailing Yachts and Sailing Catamarans. The System allows a wide range of feedback setups. If the torque transferred onto the steering wheel is felt to be too high, it becomes possible via a display, which offers multiple options, to adjust exactly in line with the requirements of the helmsman. The contrary applies for lower speeds, at which the rudder is not felt enough: there is the option, via the display, to adjust the torque amount which is transferred via the Force Feedback Device to the steering wheel.

The gear ratio between steering wheels and rudder (s) can be adjusted, in order to ensure the helmsman always the best control – particularly under heavy sea and poor weather conditions.

All systems are highly customizable – they are different options available. The solutions opens up a great freedom of design and can be consistently adapted to the most demanding Yacht design and layout requirements.