Technical Concept EARSS


Steering is the most important way of intervention in the driving- dynamic performance for the driver.  With today’s steering system, the steering wheel and wheels are mechanically connected to each other, while the resistance created by the driver at the wheel is supported hydraulically or electrically. There has been a scientific quest for many years to achieve an active steering system.  The aim of this is to couple the fixed and mechanical connection between the steering wheel, axle and wheels, and to replace it with hydraulic and/or electric actuators.

Without the authentic feeling for the real roadway condition, a vehicle could basically be steered by a By-Wire-System, however only with the use of a Force; respectively a Tactile Feedback System, for the transfer of information about road conditions and that of the vehicle to the driver becomes viable in a non-mechanical steering system

With EARSS (Electronic Adaptive Redundant Steering System) a universally useable Force –Feedback-System is able for the first time to transform the purely electronically transferred feedback of the driving dynamic conditions of the vehicle and its steering axles into a realistic non- “synthetical and artificial” steering feeling. EARSS enables the haptic feedback of steering forces directly to the driver in a previously inexistent way.


Very high generateable moment of torque on the actual steering wheel

Very high torque resistence <0.006Nm

Very low Power consumption – bord net 12/24V DC at considerable performance

Creation of multiple electrical end stroke stops

Mechancial end stroke stops

Various versions = number of steering wheel turns from end stroke stop to end stroke stop, Lock-to-Lock varieties→ Modular design

Wide variety of vehicle specific fine adjustments of steering torque and the steering geometry→ Reduction of fatigue of the driver & Increase of productivity

Depending to the speed reset in central position – (Self Centering Tendency) – defeatable if required

Play free function even with fast changing rotation directions

Integrated Fail-Save-Moduls – different options available

Plug and Play Installation

Freedom of Design

Green Technology