System Design

Force Feedback Device (FFD) – Steering Unit

The FFD-Steering unit is a mechatronic complete solution. The actuator comprises amongst other topics a integrated ECU, a CAN-Bus-Interface and redundant steering angle sensors. The steering actuator generates a sensitive recognition which is absolutely equal to that of a conventional steering. The EARSS actuator is applicable to hydraulic as well as to electro-mechanical and hybrid Steer-by-Wire systems.

Plenty of configurations are possible. Amongst other things these configurations differs by the number of possible Steering wheel turns from end stop to end stop (Lock-to-Lock turns). Furthermore can be different mechatronic versions be arranged. A wide spectrum of particular customer needs can be application-specific adjusted via the wide variety of the on the steering wheel generateable torque ranges.

The system compiles steering axles- repectively rudder movements via the CAN-Bus in save digital information wherby a completely authentical feeling for the real road conditions is transfered to the driver.

The passive Force Feedback on the steering wheel at the EARSS EVO 2.0Ex System is generated by an electronically controlled BLDC-Motor which is a part of the EARSS EVO 2.0EX Force Feedback Device (FFD). The dynamic response behaviour and the on the steering wheel operating passive torque (Real-Force-Feedback & Self-Centering-Funktion) can be individually parameterised. Depending on the selected program and/or by the manufacturer of the vehicle expressed vehicle-specific requirements various steering characteristics can be displayed. The system disposes  a so called „Self-Centering-Funktion“ which can be disabled if required by keystroke and by freely programmable holding period of the button. This function ensures the automatic return of the steering wheel to the geometric 0° position of the steering wheel e.g. at the end of cornering. This recovery behaviour of the steering wheel is already known from vehicles with a conventional steering.

In order to withstand these difficult operating conditions and to satisfy the strict safety regulations in the different sectors of industry extensive environmental tests have been conducted. In this context the SBW systems have been proven resistantly in the face of wide temperature ranges, pollution, dust, water, vibrations, corrosion resistance and other demanding operating conditions and have been also demonstrated maximum reliability.

EARSS enables the haptic feedback of steering forces directly into the Hand palms of the driver in a previously inexistent way. The actuator opens up entirely new possibilities in the area of Steer-by-Wire steering systems. EARSS combines high generateable moments of torque on the steering wheel with very low energy consumption and thereby offers a wide variety of vehicle specific fine adjustments of steering torque and the steering geometry as well as numerous options in regards to the functional safety.

The System is compact and due to its low weight and its Plug-and-Play Integration easy to install.

Mechatronic & Electro-Hydraulic Actuators

Steering-axles actuators, rudder-steering actuators: Different solutions are available. Hydraulic power units complemented by safety-hydraulic blocks and valves, digitally controlled, reversable power-on-demand hydraulic power units, mechatronic systems and hybrid units.

For all actuators brushless high-performance motors (BLDC) are used. For some applications BLDC Motors with redundant windings are available.

Human-Machine Interface

Different safety options, designs and IP-classes are available for the displays and the monitoring systems which includes the on-board diagnostics.

Redundant Controllers

We offer various options for the safety controllers, the dataloggers and the GPS/GPRS devices. All systems components of the electronic controllers match the highest requirements according IEC 61508.