Heavy Equipment


In the sector of extraordinary large construction- and earthmoving machines it is an enormous challenge to handle energy-efficient the occurring forces on the steering axles. By using the smart-actuators of SBW the realisation of steering systems with high axle loads is also possible in a mechatronics based way.

Also vehicles with several steered axles can be easy handeled with our electronic steering system, whereby each axle can be parameterised and controlled seperately.

The „jerk“, which typically results at the begin and the end of the steering manoeuvre by juggernauts and large machines exerts each time with a force up to 8G/sec to the driver. This not only leads to significant signs of fatigue at the driver but also places to a strong material load which results to high service- and repair effort consequently to high expenses and downtimes. By means of  electronic and progressive controlled end-stops the EARSS-systems are the perfect solution for this problem. They ensure in evidence for reduced tiredness of the driver and hence to a higher productivity  furthermore extends the life cycle of the vehicle.

A further characteristic of very large construction- and earthmoving machines is the fact that for many times it is not visible for the driver in which direction the wheels are placed. By synchronisation  the steering wheel position via the self centering function with the steering angle of the wheels a preliminary movement of the vehicle is not necessary to determine a possible required correction. Also this ensures to a measurable improvement of the productivity and safer vehicle control.