Off – Highway


Whether agriculture, eartmoving or construction machines: it is always necessary to handle surely enormous forces which are demanding everything from people and equipment.

Many advantages are also provided in this sector by the use of the SBW technology:

– automatically (autonomous) driving in combination with precision navigation

– control behaviour is being automatically adapted to the speed

– the straight-ahead behaviour will be significantly improved whereby the steering activity will be reduced and the driver considerable be relieved.

– By the operator selectable different steering charakteristics for road travel and work effort.

– Optimum transmission concerning steering ratio and – forces

– no hydraulic pipings between vehicle cabin/control stand and the actuators

– improved fuel economy

– fail safe → fail operational – the steering system remains completely functional even in the event of a failure or interruption of the power supply of the main control circuit beyond the safety-relevance required minimum period.

– fail-safe emergency control in the case of a power loss

– lower installation effort, especially for vehicles with longer distances between steering wheel and steering axle.

– freedom of design