Marine – Sailyachts


Installed in sailyachts the EARSS-technology enables in combination with the EARSS EVO 2.0EX S actuator to transfer lifelike the hydrodynamic forces on the rudder to the steering wheel – therefore the designation Real Force Feedback. This is accomplished with a special software and complex control algorithm of the EARSS control electronics. With that the system offers unlimited potential for individualization. Thus, for example via the parameter change on the display it is possible to decrement the on the steering wheel transfered torque which considered as to high. In the contradictory case there is the opportunity to increment the on the helm station transfered torques via the display,  e.g. at low speed the rudder can be perceived as too low (especially in the case of large sailing yachts). The installation of the system components is uncomplicated, in comparision with conventional rudder steering systems the installation time is significant shorter. The EARSS EVO 2.0EX S Force Feedback actuators must be only be connected on the CAN-Bus network, mechanical components as such as hydraulic pipings between steering wheel and the rudder itself  are completely eliminated. This circumstance opens the yachtdesigner an extensive scope of design. Due to the elimination of mechanical components and hydraulic pipings on the steering wheel the free space can be better utilised. The installation of the actuators in further away helm stations (e.g. Fly) is for sure possible (Plud & Play). Numerous Fail Safe variations are available.

Whether a manoeuver in the harbour or high sea regatta – the desired set-up can be adjusted at any time to the current requirements in a straightforward manner. For this purpose easy to use multifunctional-displays are available.