about us

SBW Technology was founded in 2010. Our corecompetencies are the research, the development, the project planing, and the production of complex Steer-by-Wire Systems for vehicles in the area of marine, off-highway/mobile construction machines, agricultural machines, defence and automotive. The aim is to offer our clients an innovative, flexible, safe and enviromental friendly solution.

For the realisation of this goal, the X-By-Wire or also known as the Drive-By-Wire Technology plays a central role. It is considered as future technology par excellence and has been for many years established in the aviation industry as Fly-By-Wire

A special difficulty in the adaption of the different application areas is to achieve a real tactile feedback. The big challenge here is to transfer to the driver a completely authentical feeling for the real road conditions, which is uncompromisable for the vehicle control and safety.

The EARSS system developed by SBW Technology is international patented and is characterised  with a high level of ingenuity.

Our team, consisting of engineers, electronic- and hydraulic specialists and CAD-draftsmen  developed with the EARSS familiy solutions wich enables the driver in any given driving situation a sensitive recognition, which is absolutely equal to that of a conventional steering.

Thanks to cooperation with divers high-tech-companies, altogehter leading in their particular fields, SBW Technology is today in the position to offer worldwide unique complete Steer-by-Wire solutions. The easy implementation of the various systems is based on a wide range of actuators. Depending on the specific application our customers are able to compile their most suitable complete solution based on different operating principles. For this purpose we offer hybrid, mechatronic and hydraulic solutions.